Vancouver Island

Some of the colours and textures from Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Most of the shots were taken in and around Victoria and Nanaimo, May 2003.

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Non-commercial use is free if you give me credit and link back to this page.

# 1 Blue Water

Tide in Victoria's harbour.

# 2 Driftwood Strewn Beach

Driftwood on one of the many Victoria beaches.

# 3 Victoria Coastline

View from high shows the many curving harbours and beaches of Victoria's coastline.

# 4 Boats and Houseboats

Boats and houseboats moored in Victoria harbour.

# 5 Victoria Float Homes

# 6 Carved Rock Waterfall

Vancouver Island has many spectacular water and rock formations, such as the carved rock and waterfall pictured here.

# 7 Waterfall

A waterfall carving into the rock.

# 9 Cloud Passing Over Mountain

A cloud shadow passes over a mountain. You can just make out the line of a railway a bit above the water.

# 10 Backlist Mossy Forest

Ferns unfurling in the undergrowth, and trees overhead catching the late day sun with their moss covered branches.

# 11 Ferns

Ferns flourishing in the moist, temperate climate of the BC coast. Definately made everything feel more tripical and ancient.

# 12 Sage Trees

Can you believe that this is the type of trees made into toiletpaper?! Save the giants! Use recycled!

# 13 Mossy Backlit Tree Branches

Late afternoon sunlight backlighting moss covered branches. The subtle beauty of this sight just barely translates in this photo.

# 14 Mushroom on Moss

Upturned mushroom on a sea of moss. Too close to the trail, poor thing met a rather tragic end.

# 15 Rocky Beach

Marc and Bo leaning against a giant driftwood. Rock beaches are nice because sand doesn't get everywhere, although it's not as soft.

# 16 Driftwood Colours

Stripped and bleached but the water and sun, driftwood has a particular soft and warm quality that many people love.

# 17 Happy Chickens

Happy, freerange, organic chickens in the sun. The white debris is oyester shells, for calcium supplement. The yolks from these were so vribrant they were almost orange!

# 18 Purple Daisies

Miniature daisies in the morning sun.
In Polish these are called "stokrotki", which means "hundreds of times", referring to the masses of tiny petals.

# 19 Victoria Modern Shire

Victoria upper crust.

# 20 Blue Flowering Park

Flowering meadow in a public park in Victoria. It's totally the shire!

# 21 Blue Flowering Meadow

Marc posing as a garden gnome in a flowering meadow in Victoria.