The Quiz: The Great Literary
Dinner Party

The Quiz is a gala fundraiser for the Writer's Trust put on by the Locksley Foundation (Sandy Simpson venture). These photos are a mix from the 2003 and 2004 events, and there will be a third, final event in 2005.

The event is held at the Four Seasons ballroom in Toronto. A drinks and mingling hour is followed by dinner and a literary quiz that each table fills out, competing for a grand prize.

For more information about The Great Literary Dinner Party, contact the Writers' Trust.

I took informal portraits and general casual documentation of the event.

As the drinks took inhibitions away and people became accustomed to the flash of my camera, the opportunity became available to capture some great moments.

My personal challenge was to create pictures that would have value in their own right and be interesting even to the casual observer who knew nothing of the event or the people photographed.

If you need an event photographer for casual, relaxed images, please contact me.

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#1 Martini Glasses Ready


# 2 Ladies in Red with Martinis

Ladies in red wraps with martini glasses

# 3 In the Library

Library with existing light

Nice highlights and shadows in a dark room, shot with existing light.

# 4 Attentive Listener

attentive listener

# 5 Banquet Begins


A sea of people.

# 6 But What About...

two men talking closely

# 7 ... You Don't Say!

two men talking closely 2

# 8 It Sounds Plausible to Me...

plausible face

# 9 Over the Shoulder Profile

over the shoulder profile of bald man


# 10 Skeptical

skeptical lady not impressed at the moment

# 11 Curly Hair, Feather Boa

curly hair and feather boa

# 12 Leather Fringes Man, Tuxedo Man

tuxedo man leather frindges man

#13 Conversation for Two

conversation for two

# 14 Conversation for Four

converstaion for two times two

Animated conversations were happening all over the banquet hall towards the end of the evening, as the wine warmed throats and loosened tongues.

# 15 Burning embers of the night

burning embers of the night

Existing light with camera shake captures the warm light and festive mood.