Artist Group "Event 11"

The organizers of this schmoozefest describe Event 11 as a "celebration of creativity, bringing together the city's tastemakers and industry professionals in the areas of the Media Arts, Magazine Editorial, Advertising, Marketing, Music, Entertainment, Fashion, Photography and Design."

Event 11 was set up in the Mies van der Rohe's TD Tower Complex, throughout the outdoor and indoor lobby spaces. Photographically the event was noteable for the dozens of 300 pound blocks of ice and lots of colourful lights set up to light the night.

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# 1 Purple Shattered Ice Block

As the ice warms up it becomes brittle and unstable on its footing, and when it falls over it shattered into spectacular formations. For Ice to be this clear when frozen, the water must be very pure.

# 2 Pink Marroon Heavy Fog

Many of the images on this page were snapped to serve as digital backdrops in a jazz opera, hence the name of this one. You can see all the projections on the Quebecite jazz opera page.

# 3 Yellow Reason

You can just barely make out the shapes of people in the lower red area.

# 4 Orange Swirl Skirt

This image reminds me of a great big Spanish skirt. As in the above image, you can just see the people in the red-black area.

# 5 Purple Ice

Block Corner Reflections This is the reflection in the corner of an ice blcok. This image is actually fairly in focus, but the reflected lights are smeared by the smooth, wet surface of the ice. A fantastic party addition, these blocks of ice!

# 6 Yellow Tower Swirl

This photo was made by pointing the camera up at the TD Towers and spinning while the aperture was open for a few seconds. The lobby lights were yellow, and the upper floor lights were more white. Nice!

# 7 Purple Ice Block Threads

In this photo we are looking AT and THROUGH the ice block. The yellow and other warm lights are the lobby of the TD Center beyond the ice block and the purple "threads" are slight imperfections and air bubbles in the ice block itself. The block is reflecting the purple lights of the reception area.

# 8 Purple Iceblock Car Lights

Another image looking through the ice block at the bright lights of the party. I love the way you can see how solid and clear the block was, a very cool, heavy feeling and yet ephemeral at the same time.

# 9 Blue Lights Disco Dancefloor

Blue lights surround the outdoor disco dancefloor. The dancers have almost disappeared in the long exposure.

# 10 Blue-Green Reflections

This image was taken from the inside through a glass wall. Tthe blue and purple are shifted lights in the outdoor courtyard, but the green-blue on the right side of the image is a reflection of a projected screen inside. Quite a ghostly effect. (The projection is of a man behind the steering wheel.)

# 11 Blue Electric Crosses

This photo and the one below are of standards which surrounded the outdoor dancefloor. They were just scaffolding with normal lights, but with some long exposure they are transformed into totems of electric light.

# 12 Blue Electric Light Totems

It's remarkable how solid these streaks of light look, almost as solid as the blocks of ice in the photos above.

# 13 Magenta Plastic Shift

This is an unaltered image of partiers walking past, bathed in bright, magenta light.

# 14 Magenta Northern Lights

Slow exposure and vertical panning transform the bar into a fantasy night sky.