Drape in Afternoon Light

It was late afternoon and the sun streaming through the window was already changing to its evening warm tones.A two-tone sheer drape just begged to be photographed in this existing light.

Stunning effect!

A very wide range of colours, from light pink to silver to deep chocolate. These images look absolutely stunning when viewed printed at a large scale. The short range of focus, the transparency, shadows, fabric detail and smooth tecture really surprised me when I pulled them off my camera.

Some of these photos are for sale, either as prints or for online use.
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Non-commercial use is free if you give me credit or link back to this page.

# 1 Pink Ghost

# 2 Pink Bright Sharp

# 3 bright metal

# 4 Cool Shadows

# 5 Purple Shark

# 6 Bend don't crease

# 7 Cherry chocolate

# 8 Steel Heat

# 9 gathered pink light

# 10 petal spear

# 11 chocolate flow