Soft Art

Happy Sleepies

Happy Sleepies are enlightened beings because they always remember their freedom to choose how to be. They can zoom around in excited high energy or dream in restful slumber or choose to feel anything in between whenever they want.

Happy Sleepy art toys by Magda Wojtyra. Cotton printed bold purple and brown flower graphics.

This abstract animal is sewn from an original pattern by Magda based on Marc's drawing of a topsy-turvy creature. Happy Sleepies are so named because held one way they look like they have smiling closed eyes, and when turned upside down their eyes look sealed with sleep.

Happy Sleepies and other toys and art are now available for sale online in the Happy Sleepy Art and Toys Shop on Etsy.

Custom design and sewing available.

Latest Designs

The latest work is now hosted on the website for the Happy Sleepy collaboration with Marc Ngui.

Original Happy Sleepy

Wool and leather applique eyes. This was the first Happy Sleepy ever made. The design has since been greatly improved to make the legs more three dimensional and the body to be curvier.

Large Happy Sleepies

The second batch of Happy Sleepies made were quite large! At 15 inches tall, they were designed to be used as a large lumbar prop pillow.

From left to right: orange cotton blend toile, peacock green cotton toile, synthetic velvet, upholstery grade cotton velvet. All have applique leather eyes.

Sample Work

Happy Sleepy Grey Felt

Happy Sleepies on Etsy

Here is a selection from the new batch of Happy Sleepies that was made for the Happy Sleepy Art and Toys Shop that opened on Etsy in the fall of 2009.

Happy Sleepy Sun-slice

Blue wool georgette, yellow wool georgette, peacock green cotton toile, and black embroidered eyes.

Happy Sleepy Cyan Tutu

Apricot orange cotton velvet, turquoise fun fur from spain, and black embroidered eyes.

Happy Sleepy Bright Mind

Purple wool and cashmere felt coating, silver upholstery velvet, silver lame, and black embroidered eyes.

Happy Sleepy Peacock Garden

Peacock green toile and black embroidered eyes.

Happy Sleepy Retina Adjuster

Turquoise silk/wool boucle, red wool suiting, and black embroidered eyes. This guy is so contrasty as to be unphotographable, and in real life the colour combination is so bright it kind of hurts to look at him.

Happy Sleepy Peach Rose

Peachy orange cotton blend toile with stripes and black embroidered eyes.

Happy Sleepy Star Dipped

Dark blue wool georgette, mirror backed glass beads, and gold embroidered eyes.