The photo groups below are a small sample of a large portfolio. Many more photos can be viewed through my Flickr account.

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Water Lily

water lily leaves in the sunlarge water lily leavessmall water lily leaves

June 2007

VanDusen Botanical Gardens, Vancouver, Canada

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Water Droplets on Window

black and white water droplets on glassorange pattern of droplets on glassround droplets of rain cling to green trees glass

November 2006

Water droplets on window glass refract autumn foliage outdoors.

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Vancouver Island

green lawn with young tree and purple flowerspink flowers and shadows

May 2003

Some of the colours and textures from Vancouver Island. Most of the shots were taken in and around Victoria and Nanaimo, May 2003.

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Artist Group "Event 11"

red and orange streaked with blue and white abstract photographabstract purple image with streaked effectwhite and yellow spiral with purple building

23 August 2003

Some nice slow exposure photos capturing a large party atmosphere. Don't miss the shots of blocks of ice! My favourite.

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Drape in Afternoon Light

folds of cloth catch light in this abstract peaceful photographpink drape shining in the sun abstract photographgrey and purple drape with sun abstract photo

11 September 2003

Fading light and a synthetic, irridescent drape make for some subtle and dramatic photos.

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yellow and orange jello pieces with purple spots pattern and anglessmall piece of sliced orange jellotorn jello edge in orange and lime green

23 November 2003

You won't believe that these are jello! One of my favourite things to photograph,yummy to eat and to look at!

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The Quiz

banquet hall with guestsmartinis and red wraps and black suitbanquet table

2003, 2004

Gala event photography showcasing some nice portraits.

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