Digital Art

Pink Fish Perfection

title Pink Fish Perfection
size 26.5" x 20"
medium Laser exposure onto photographic paper
print run edition of 10, numbered and signed on front
price $600 unframed print

Lightjet Digital Photographs

Océ LightJet® 430 is the machine/process that prints the artwork.

A laser exposes the digital image onto light sensitive paper a fraction of an inch at a time. The paper is then developed, fixed, and washed, like any high quality archival photograph.

Photographic Paper

Fuji CrystalArchive glossy paper is used for vibrant colours and pure whites with excellent image colour stability. The final image is a real archival photograph.

Image Detail

The LightJet process creates images with very sharp detail and nice dense colour areas. The image has trully continuous colour tone with 300 dots per inch detail that stands up to scrutiny through the loupe as well as the naked eye.


Preview of the framed print, as it might look in a plain black enamel frame with a 4" white matte border.
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